The Keys to the Bible, our best Bible program ever, has been released.

The Keys To The Bible
The Keys to the Bible

It includes all the features that made Bible Codes 2000 such a success, plus many new, unique, and powerful features that will give you new insights, such as:
• mirror reversed matrixes;
• specified marked area for automatic statistical analysis;
• automatic report generator;
• verse retrieval by eight different methods;
• gematria exegesis by eight different methods including a unique user specified value;
• Bible chronology;
· automatically going to the Torah portion of the week; the 613 Torah commandments of Maimonides keyed to the biblical text;
• verse by verse Torah commentaries by Rashi;
• the greatest of the medieval exegetes;
• letter substitution;
• (Jeremiah’s encoding method);and much more.

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Some of the new features of The Keys to the Bible
You will find in the next pages a detailed list of the features of The Keys to the Bible, but first we want to briefly describe some of its new and unique features.

Advanced code searching and reporting
The Keys to the Bible includes all the decoding features of Bible Codes 2000, plus new ones such as turning the matrix vertical or horizontal, reversing it as a mirror, and drawing a specified area in the matrix for statistical analysis the codes found inside the area. The best new code feature is the automatic production of a 4 page (parameters, findings, matrix information and statistics) report of the found code, which can be printed or saved in Word format. Below is the illustration of the Statistics Page of the report of the Yitzhak Rabin assassination code.

About Gematria
Gematria is a method of exegesis (critical explanation or analysis of a text) used since the time of the Second Temple to derive insights into the sacred writings, to obtain interpretations of the text, or to illustrate a secular matter. The Hebrew language uses its letters to represent numbers. The first nine letters represent the numbers I to 9 respectively; the next 10 letters represent the numbers 10, 20... to 90; and the next four represent 100 to 400. The cipher alphabet makes possible the method known in Hebrew as gematria. The term gematria is based on the Greek geometria. In talmudic times the rabbis began to mean by it "calculation" in general. In this sense, they used the numerical value of the letters of one word or verse to construct a different word or verse, the numerical value of whose letters equals that of the original passage, in order to give the original verse an added or a different meaning.
For example, in Genesis 32:5, Jacob sends a message to his brother, Esau, saying: “I sojourned with Laban”. The Hebrew for "I sojourned" is "garti" , yod is 10, tav is 400, resh is 200, and gimmel is 3, adding up to a total of 613, which is the number of commandments specified in the Torah. In other words, the rabbis understood that Jacob was saying: “Although I sojourned with Laban, I kept the 613 commandments”.
The Book of Revelation in the New Testament uses Gematria to disguise the name of the emperor Nero by writing the Greek form of his name in Hebrew characters, which gives it a total numerical value of 666, (Revelation 13:18).
The Keys to the Bible includes 7 different Gematria methods, plus one additional unique method: User Specified Values, found only in The Keys to the Bible. Letter substitution This encoding method, (substituting one letter for another), was used by the prophet Jeremiah to hide his references to Babel. For generations biblical scholars had been baffled by references in the book of Jeremiah to a city called Sheshach. The city was not mentioned anywhere else in the Bible nor in any contemporary document, and yet Jeremiah mentioned it twice, (25:26 and 51:41). Finally, a scholar applied the Letter Substitution decoding method, and discovered that Sheshach was in fact a code word for another very well known city, Babel! The decryption process is deceptively simple. The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, aleph, is substituted for the last letter, tav; the second letter, beth, for the one before the last one, shin, and so on. Sheshach in Hebrew is spelled Sh-Sh-K. Substituting the letters the word becomes B-B-L which is the Hebrew spelling for Babel. Since the decoding of Sheshach several more words that have been encoded in the Bible by the Letter Substitution method have been uncovered in the Hebrew text, unveiling hidden meanings that the scholars had no idea were there. The Keys to the Bible includes four methods of letter substitution: atbash (aleph for tav), atbach (aleph for het), previous (beth for aleph), and next (gimmel for beth).

Verse Retrieval
The Keys to the Bible allows you to retrieve specified verses, either from the Hebrew text or from the English text, into a separate file which you can export to your word processor. It includes eight different methods of specifying the verses to be retrieved: by key words, by range of text, by first letters of sequential words, by last letters of sequential words, by first letters of sequential verses, by last letters of sequential verses, by first/last letters of verses, and by strings of letters.

Biblical Festivals
The program includes a description of all the biblical festivals, and a special concordance of all the verses in the Bible where they are mentioned.

The Keys to the Bible includes a detailed chronology of all the events in the Bible, which will help you to better understand, and place them into their time perspective.

Gregorian calendar to Hebrew calendar date converter and vice versa
The program includes a feature which converts the Gregorian calendar to the Hebrew calendar, and vice versa. Plus it gives additional information such as the Torah portion of the following Saturday. This screen also allows you, by pressing a button, to go to that Torah portion.

The Torah and the Prophets readings for the week.
This feature allows you to instantly go in the text to the Torah and/or Prophets portion of the week. You can even choose if the text of the Prophets to be read is according to the Ashkenazi or Sephardi tradition!

Rashi commentaries of the Torah
Rashi, (acronym for Rabbi Solomon ben Isaac who lived in France in the 11th century), is the greatest Jewish commentator on the Bible and the Talmud. His commentary on the Bible, and particularly on the Torah, (which is included in The Keys to the Bible), has had the most profound influence on Jewish and Christian biblical scholars. The bilingual comment is given verse by verse, and it is full of insights.

The 613 commandments of the Torah according to Maimonides
The work of the great Jewish-Spanish philosopher, physician, and codifier of the Middle Ages, Maimonides, (Rambam in Hebrew), is today studied and honored by people of all backgrounds and religions. Maimonides analyzed the Torah and found there six hundred and thirteen commandments, 248 Mandatory, and 365 Prohibitions. The Keys to the Bible has arranged these commandments according to subjet. By pressing a button next to any one of them, the program takes you to the place in the biblical text where the commandment appears.

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Features of The Keys to the Bible

General Features
• Designed to work under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP,Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
• Exclusive “Know-no-Hebrew” technology combines translation capabilities with Biblical software
• Bilingual menus: English and Hebrew
• Step by step on-screen tutorial that allows you to switch between the Tutorial and the program
• Complete Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible
• Side by side English translation of the Hebrew text in parallel columns
• Synchronization of English and Hebrew text can be turned on/off
• Lines separating verses can be turned on/off
• “Nikud” (Hebrew vowels) can be turned on/off
• Includes special True Type Hebrew fonts
• Hebrew text can be pasted into your word processor’s document.
• Displays and prints Biblical Hebrew and English text
• Summary and description of every Bible book
• Summary and description of the Torah portion of the week
• Unlimited word and phrase search in the Bible
• Virtual on-screen Hebrew keyboard with automatic transliteration from English
• User-specified colors for highlighting key letters and words in the text.
• User-specified setting for display and printing of G-d in whole or partial mode
• Complete English concordance
• Complete Hebrew concordance
• Complete concordance of all the Biblical Festivals
• Finds all words with prefixes and suffixes to an specified Hebrew root
• Calculates the number of times any specified word appears in the Bible
• Instant “go to” book, chapter and verse.
• Identifies the number of every letter, word and verse in the text
• Instant “go to” to any letter, word or verse according to its number.
• Bilingual anagram feature.
• Inter-active with the optional companion bilingual dictionary/thesaurus Super Milon
• Bilingual commentaries, verse by verse, of Rashi, the Torah exegete of the Middle Ages.
• Comprehensive User’s Manual
• Help Menu includes Contents and Index for quick and immediate consultation

Bilingual databases
• Powerful bi-directional dictionary Hebrew to English, English to Hebrew
• User expandable bilingual dictionary
• Automatic prompting by the program to enter the English translation when adding a new word
• Bilingual Lexicon database
• Complete list of all Biblical names with their English equivalents and meaning
• List of thousands of first names with their transliteration to Hebrew
• Date converter from Hebrew calendar to Gregorian calendar
• Date converter from Gregorian calendar to Hebrew calendar
• Number converter, ordinal and cardinal, to Hebrew characters
• Years database
• Copy and paste of Hebrew words from the bilingual databases into the Search input fields.

Research features
• Verses can be retrieved according to seven different methods, including key words.
• Retrieved verses can be saved in a file, and pasted into any document.
• Chronology of the Bible personalities and events.
• Description of the Biblical festivals
• List of the 613 commandments according to Maimonides, keyed to the Biblical text.

Gematria features
• Dictionary/concordance according to Gematria values
• Seven methods of Gematria calculation
• Unique user specified value alocation to letters
• Gematria calculator
• Search for words according to Gematria values
• Search for phrases according to Gematria values
• Search for verses according to Gematria values
• Letter substitution
• Letter analysis

Statistics features
• Automatic calculation of expected number of key code occurrences before the search is executed
• Automatic comparison between expected occurrences and actual number found
• Automatic report of Standard Deviation and Odds about the found key codes
• Automatic statistics report generator

Search features
• Automatic search of the key code as entered and in reverse order of the letters
• Multi-code initial search, for key code and up to six alternative codes each time
• Cut and paste between the key code and alternative codes input fields
• Copy and paste of Hebrew words from the bilingual databases into the Search input fields.
• Copy and paste from the Anagram function into the Search input fields.
• Automatic and manual specification of the range of text to be searched
• Unlimited number of skip intervals (determined only by range of text)
• Maximum skip value can be entered manually or automatically calculated by program.
• Automatic correction of maximum skip value if the number specified by the user is too large
• Retrieves key codes up to a limit of 10000 occurrences
• Automatic calculation of the maximum possible number of skips in the specified range
• Automatic calculation of expected number of specified key code occurrences
• Automatic display on screen table and printouts of the search results
• Clicking any letter of the code on the screen table shows the letter in-context in the text.
• Can import from the optional companion program bilingual dictionary/thesaurus Super Milon
• Sorts found key codes occurrences by location, skip and codes
• Saves your found code for immediate retrieval.
• Includes pre-saved codes for immediate automatic retrieval

Matrix features
• Found key code is shown in a vertical column in red letters inside circles.
• The alternative codes found can be shown horizontally, vertically or diagonally
• Codes found are shown in separate colors
• Codes found are shown inside different geometrical shapes, such as circles and squares
• Saves your retrieved matrix for immediate retrieval
• Area inside matrix can be specified for statistical calculations
• Matrix can be printed
• Matrix can be saved for later search within search
• Areas can be marked in the matrix for statistical calculations of the codes inside
• Matrix can be reversed from left to right as in a mirror
• Matrix can be shown horizontal or vertical
• Matrix screen can be saved as an bmp file and pasted in any document
• Grid lines can be turned on/off
• Geometrical shapes can be turned on/off
• “Nikud” (Hebrew vowels) can be turned on/off
• Includes pre-saved matrixes for immediate automatic retrieval
• Search within search in the matrix for unlimited number of additional codes
• Additional codes can be searched horizontally, vertically, diagonally and diagonally “with steps”
• Search can be done in the visible matrix or in any specified area of the retrieved text
• Identifies Hebrew words in the matrix and retrieves them with their English translation
• Allows skip split that turns the two-dimensional matrix into a virtual multi-dimensional matrix
• Allows changing the parameters of the retrieved matrix, including range of text and length of line
• Proximity feature ranks clustered codes
• Instant “pop-up” of the Hebrew verse and its English translation when clicking on any letter
• Instant identification of any letter in the matrix shows its number and location in the text.
• Shows list of the codes marked in the matrix with their English translation, in their color and shape.
• User-specified colors for highlighting any letter in the matrix.
• User-specified geometrical shapes for highlighting any letter in the matrix.
• Zoom-in and zoom-out allows you to increase or decrease the size of the visible matrix.

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