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Bible Codes plus is not an update of previous Bible Codes programs but a completely new program which incorporates the best features of the previous programs with the addition of powerful new features, including an on-screen tutorial, developed by our team of programmers by taking into account suggestions that users of previous versions wrote that they wanted to see in the program.

Among its most remarkable new features is the Modify Matrix option, an incredible breakthrough which converts the flat two-dimensional matrix into a many-layered matrix, i.e. multi-dimensional matrix, (try visualizing, instead of a flat field, a multi-story building), which greatly expands the “searching universe”.

Bible Codes plus is by far the best, most advanced, most complete Bible codes program ever developed. Bible Codes plus is not just a few steps ahead of the competition: It is a full generation ahead of any other similar program in the market!

We recommend, if you have it, that you should by all means keep Bible Codes Plus 99 in your computer by installing Bible Codes plus in a separate directory. BCP99 includes some wonderful features which, to concentrate in codes research, we have not included in BC2000, such as Gematria, Verse Retrieval, Chronology, Biographies of kings, and the 613 commandments of Maimonides.

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The following are some of the new great features of Bible Codes plus

The Tutorial
This is a great help for beginners, because it allows them to read each screen of the tutorial, and at the same time alternatively to replicate the same research step.

Informing the number of expected occurrences before beginning the search for the code.
This helps the researcher to choose where to concentrate his research before investing his time in a search which might prove fruitless.

“Forcing” the user to enter the English translation of any new entered code which is not yet in the program’s My Dictionary Database.
This allows the program to show the found Hebrew code showing its English translation when the matrix has been retrieved.

Improved speed when searching for codes
BC2000 searches much faster than BCP99, but if you wish to measure the time, start your stop watch only when the blue bar is starting to be seen. Why? Because when you click the Search button, the program does not start the search right away. It first calculates the maximum possible number of skip intervals, modifying it if you had entered a larger number, and also calculates the expected number of occurrences. Search starts only after it has found these two numbers!

The separate information about the number of alternative codes found,
a) in the retrieved text (top list in the Display Codes Found screen), and b) in the visible matrix (bottom list in the Display Codes Found screen).

Informing the number of alternative codes found in the visible matrix for each occurrence,
(bottom list in the Display Codes Found screen). This helps the researcher to know which occurrences have the most potential.

Being able to save a matrix
This allows the user to suspend research at any moment in a matrix, save the work done till that moment, and resume the research at his own convenience by bringing the matrix back to the screen.

Being able to change the parameters of the retrieved matrix from inside the Matrix Screen
This allows you, if you so wish, to retrieve more text, or less text, and to change the length of the lines.

Unlimited search within search
Bible Codes plus allows you to search a matrix for additional codes (which by the way can now be found also “diagonally with steps”), and do an unlimited continuous number of runs, each time with up to six new additional codes. (Click the Mark and More Additional Codes, each time, and OK only when you want to finish this search within search). This also applies when using the Identify Words feature to search within the matrix.

Automatically adding the marked additional codes and identified words to the list in the matrix,
showing them with their English translation in their specified colors and geometric shapes for easy identification by “know-no-Hebrew” users.

Using the Zoom feature to increase or decrease the area of the search
within the search You can use Zoom-in and Zoom-out to determine the area of the matrix where you wish to do the search within the search.

Having “stable” row and column numbers Now,
it does no longer matter if you use the arrows to scroll the matrix to the right, left, up or down, because the numbers shown for rows and columns will always belong to the same row or column, thus making it very easy for two or more separate users to do simultaneous research in the same matrix.

The Proximity Ranking
This makes the cluster and crossword effects practically immune to the subjective feelings of the user.

Turning the grid lines of the matrix on or off
This is a great contribution to the personal preference of each user.

Identifying the location of every single letter in the matrix,
feature which includes the “pop-up” of the Hebrew verse where the specified letter appears and the English translation.

Specifying the limits of the area of the visible matrix or retrieved text where we wish to do search
within search. Pinpointing the area where we wish to research makes the search much more efficient, faster and productive. We hope that Bible Codes plus will make it simple and easy for everybody, scholars and non-scholars, advanced researchers and beginners, to do their own Bible research, and thus get personal evidence of the omnipotence of God.
Regular price: $59.95
Sale price: $44.95
About the Modify Matrix feature

The Modify Matrix option in the Matrix screen is an incredible breakthrough tool, because it converts the flat two-dimensional matrix into a many-layered matrix, i.e. multi-dimensional matrix, opening a completely new “searching universe”.

The following explanation will make this clear:
Visualize the retrieved matrix. It is composed of rows and columns. Picture it as a flat surface. Now please visualize dividing this flat surface into equal layers, one over the other, like a multi-story building. In a flat surface you can search to its width and to its length. In a multi-story building, you can also search width and length, but you can also search a new dimension: vertically!

This is exactly and uniquely what Bible Codes plus allows you to do. With it you can modify the flat surface of the retrieved matrix and automatically make it into a two, three, four, five, up to nine layer matrix, enlarging tremendously the possibility of finding codes which might not have been visible in the original flat matrix. Roy A. Reinhold, the noted codes researcher and codes software reviewer wrote to us that Bible Codes plus allows the beginner user to do quickly and easily the kind of advanced research that, until now, experienced codes researchers could do only with great patience and effort.

Regular price: $59.95
Sale price: $44.95
Features of Bible Codes Plus (BC 2000)
General Features
Designed to work under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP , Windows NT , Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
Exclusive “Know-no-Hebrew” technology combines translation capabilities with Biblical software
Step by step on-screen tutorial that allows you to switch between the Tutorial and the program, and thus to replicate the research steps in “real” time.
Year 2000 full compatibility
Complete Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible, (the only computer program with Hebrew text officially authorized by the Koren Bible)
Side by side English translation of the Hebrew text in parallel columns
Synchronization of English and Hebrew text can be turned on/off
Lines separating verses can be turned on/off
“Nikud” (Hebrew vowels) can be turned on/off
Includes special True Type Hebrew fonts
Hebrew text can be pasted into your word processor’s document.
Displays and prints Biblical Hebrew and English text
Summary and description of every Bible book
Unlimited word and phrase search in the Bible
Virtual on-screen Hebrew keyboard with automatic transliteration from English
User-specified colors for highlighting key letters and words in the text.
User-specified setting for display and printing of G-d in whole or partial mode
Complete English concordance
Complete Hebrew concordance
Finds all words with prefixes and suffixes to an specified Hebrew root
Calculates the number of times any specified word appears in the Bible
Instant “go to” book, chapter and verse.
Identifies the number of every letter, word and verse in the text
Instant “go to” to any letter, word or verse according to its number.
Bilingual anagram feature.
Inter-active with the optional companion bilingual dictionary/thesaurus Super Milon
Comprehensive User’s Manual
Help Menu includes Contents and Index for quick and immediate consultation

Bilingual databases
Powerful bi-directional dictionary Hebrew to English, English to Hebrew
User expandable bilingual dictionary
Automatic prompting by the program to enter the English translation when adding a new word or phrase
Bilingual Lexicon database
Complete list of all Biblical names with their English equivalents and meaning
List of thousands of first names with their transliteration to Hebrew
Date converter from Gregorian calendar to Hebrew calendar
Number converter, ordinal and cardinal, to Hebrew characters
Years database
Copy and paste of Hebrew words from the bilingual databases into the Search input fields.

Statistics features
Automatic calculation of expected number of key code occurrences before the search is executed
Automatic comparison between expected occurrences and actual number found
Automatic report of Standard Deviation and Odds about the found key codes

Search features
Automatic search of the key code as entered and in reverse order of the letters
Multi-code initial search, for key code and up to six alternative codes each time
Cut and paste between the key code and alternative codes input fields
Copy and paste of Hebrew words from the bilingual databases into the Search input fields.
Copy and paste from the Anagram function into the Search input fields.
Automatic and manual specification of the range of text to be searched
Unlimited number of skip intervals (determined only by range of text)
Maximum skip value can be entered manually or automatically calculated by program.
Automatic correction of maximum skip value if the number specified by the user is too large
Retrieves key codes up to a limit of 10000 occurrences
Automatic calculation of the maximum possible number of skips in the specified range
Automatic calculation of expected number of specified key code occurrences
Automatic display on screen table and printouts of the search results
Clicking any letter of the code on the screen table shows the letter in-context in the text.
Can import from the optional companion program bilingual dictionary/thesaurus Super Milon
Sorts found key codes occurrences by location, skip and codes
Saves your found code for immediate retrieval.
Includes pre-saved codes for immediate automatic retrieval

Found key code is shown in a vertical column in red letters inside circles.
The alternative codes found can be shown horizontally, vertically or diagonally
Codes found are shown in separate colors
Codes found are shown inside different geometrical shapes, such as circles and squares
Saves your retrieved matrix for immediate retrieval
Matrix can be printed
Matrix screen can be saved as an bmp file and pasted in any document
Grid lines can be turned on/off
Geometrical shapes can be turned on/off
“Nikud” (Hebrew vowels) can be turned on/off
Includes pre-saved matrixes for immediate automatic retrieval
Search within search in the matrix for unlimited number of additional codes
Additional codes can be searched horizontally, vertically, diagonally and diagonally “with steps”
Search can be done in the visible matrix or in any specified area of the retrieved text
Identifies Hebrew words in the matrix and retrieves them with their English translation
Allows skip split that turns the two-dimensional matrix into a virtual multi-dimensional matrix
Allows changing the parameters of the retrieved matrix, including range of text and length of line
Proximity feature ranks clustered codes
Instant “pop-up” of the Hebrew verse and its English translation when clicking on any letter
Instant identification of any letter in the matrix shows its number and location in the text.
Shows list of the codes marked in the matrix with their English translation, in their color and shape.
User-specified colors for highlighting any letter in the matrix.
User-specified geometrical shapes for highlighting any letter in the matrix.
Zoom-in and zoom-out allows you to increase or decrease the size of the visible matrix.
Regular price: $59.95
Sale price: $44.95
Some reviews of Bible Codes plus

Bible Codes plus has been called by software reviewers and users the best and friendliest Bible Codes program ever, ideal for beginners and advanced researchers.

It has been ranked the number one codes program by the noted software codes reviewer and researcher Roy Reinhold in his web site

Bible Codes plus is really a completely new program, with a re-designed interface to help the user intuitively utilize all the new functions.
If you are a Bible Codes Plus 99 owner, you should jump at the chance to upgrade, since it will allow you to do much better codes work, with less effort. You'll be able to do advanced things, that only the experts did previously using a lot of patience and creativity. One major new function is the ability to quickly find a matrix in the initial search using automatic matrix determination. The program finds all occurrences of the main term and then looks for each of the additional terms in proximity, then it shows where the matrix is at that has the most matches. Modify Matrix receives rave reviews because it adds a multi-dimensional aspect to codes searches, something which I personally did manually before. What Modify Matrix does is allow you to row-split the matrix by 2 through 9, where each different row split is a different dimension. My own research shows that the Bible code is constructed so that there is an optimal display for each matrix, and the optimal row split range for all matrixes runs from 1 to 7. Bible Codes plus allows everyone now to easily use the tools to build an optimal matrix. You can also manually set in any number of letters per line. The program is also the only one with dictionary searches (Identify Words) in the displayed matrix, which is a brute-force method to identify all words in the matrix, within limits set by the user. The searches within searches function (Additional Words) has been greatly improved, allowing diagonal terms in steps, and unlimited number of Additional Words searches. The preparation of a matrix graphically for print or the web is superior, allowing the user to easily change the colors and shapes, and save as a BMP file. They've done an excellent job of combining a mix of pre-set and manual graphic options, to allow the new user to proceed without much thought, while allowing the advanced user to modify everything. You can turn on/off the nikud (vowel marks), turn on/off the grid, zoom in/out to change the letter size, and keep track during your work on the matrix using the fixed row and column numbers. The program allows you to save the matrix at any point, and pick up at the same place on another day. You can also print the matrix directly. The program also keeps track of all marked terms in the matrix and shows them in both English and Hebrew in a nice drop-down legend, where the Hebrew terms are shown with the same colors and shapes shown in the matrix. This little-noticed capability is essential for people with little or no knowledge of Hebrew. Other new functions includes a fast Locate Letter tool that locates the book-chapter-verse-word-position and sequential letter number, and shows the verse below in both Hebrew and English; and Proximity tool which gives a ranking on meaningfulness for a term calculated for a distance from the main term. It has five built-in dictionaries sortable in either English or Hebrew allowing full translation functions to English or Hebrew, calendar date conversions, and number conversions. Another feature is the capability to identify any year in the matrix when using dictionary searches or searches within searches (for range from 1850 to 2050 AD). The improved statistics function accurately calculates the expected number of occurences of the search term for the specified range, and the probability number for variances. Newly added, a tutorial for beginners. Bible Codes plus will cut hours from the codes research process.

Regular price: $59.95
Sale price: $44.95
Review by head of Research, J.W. Embry

It is my opinion that Bible Codes plus (BC2K) is the program for any one that is new to the area of code research! The program is laid out in a logical format with easy to understand icons and instructions. Unlike the previous versions, BC2K comes with a tutorial that helps you understand the different functions and walks you through the process of doing an actual code search, from start to finish (very helpful).

Once the "Key Code" is found, the program will make a matrix with the word(s) displayed in the center and will allow you to do further searches inside the matrix (a search within a search). This function can save a great deal of time by searching inside the active matrix only, in other words, the program will not take (waste?) the time to search for any occurrences of your additional word(s) outside your active matrix window.

BC2K is a "Newbies" dream come true!! You can do code research with this excellent program without knowing a single word of Hebrew. The program comes with an extensive database which includes, First Names, Bible Names, Large English-Hebrew Dictionary, Lexicon, Number and Date Conversions, etc.

Lastly, the good people at Computronic Corp. (The company that makes BC2K) are some of the nicest and most responsive individuals I have ever dealt with! They truly listen to any suggestions that you may have and are very quick to respond to your questions. Their Customer Service Department could serve as a model for any company on "How to do it right"!

Regular price: $59.95
Sale price: $44.95
Review by Webmaster

I will most certainly recommend Bible Codes plus to anyone who is interested in doing codes research for themselves. It is very easy to use, with a nice tutorial, and a 100 page manual.
You can get started right away, with no prior knowledge of Hebrew, or of the codes. The manual explains everything.
Also, as you get better with the program (unlike most programs, you'll enjoy the process of getting better with this program) you'll discover the power of the advanced features of Bible Codes 2000.
Some things I personally like, are the abundance of Hebrew aids, the very nice on-screen presentation of the matrix, the fact that the words in the matrix are translated to English, the improved search within search feature, the row-splitting feature, and the accurate statistics feature (which tells you before you search, how many codes you can expect to find by chance).
I recommend the software to anybody who is interested in searching for codes on their own.

Regular price: $59.95
Sale price: $44.95
Tutorial: Searching for codes in the Bible »»»
The Bible Codes Plus Examples: Barak Obama - President of the United States,   The Attack at the Rav Kook Rabbinical Seminary
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