PRESIDENT USA 2017-2018 BIBLE CODE ODDS..........1 CHANCE IN..........1,978,477.465

MONDAY, MAY 11, 2015......PRESIDENT USA (2017-2018)

This code was put into my mind to run, by the LORD, as I was out of ideas, and excepted the fact that I was to move on to other matters. I wanted to know if OBAMA was going to do something to usurp the elections of America in 2016. The LORD inspired me to run PRESIDENT 2017-2018 USA, in the codes. SO, let's get started..........from the top.....

BIBLE CODE DETECTIVE has CONFIRMED this CODE that BARAK OBAMA has DESERTED and committed CRIME CONCERNING the CLASSIFICATION (to arrange or organize according to class) and COMPLETION (thorough, total, conclusion) of DEBT! You will notice that PRESIDENT is crossed by BARAK in one direction and crosses OBAMA towards the bottom direction. His name also crosses and touches 2017-2018 and USA! You will notice the words BANG and BOOM everywhere in the code. This infers war and/or shooting and explosions.

The name BARAK attaches to the word for EMPTY at one end of his name and the word for CLONE at the other end of BARAK. This is suggesting that BARAK has been/or will be cloned and is empty inside, just what SATAN needs to inhabit when he is cast out of heaven by Michael and his angels. BARAK is the CAPTOR of the BARLEY. The DETECTIVE is the BRIDE BELLWETHER (leader of a flock), able to CONCEIVE (to form in the mind) the CONTEMPT (open disrespect or willful disobedience of the authority of a court of law) of OBAMA, to AMBUSCADE (ambush) the USA and create a CALABOOSE (prison) in the USA without CHRIST.

The word AMAZED is in the center of the code in small black letters.

The odds on this main code word PRESIDENT/CHAIRMAN are LESS than 1 in a MILLION! The entire CODE has a CHANCE of 1 in 1,978,477.465 of being RANDOM! Rabbi Glazzerson is happy with 1000 to 1 odds. I would love to see his analysis of this code. Or any other code searcher, for that matter. This is FACT~! I do not care if it comes true or not, I have done my job in giving it to the world. YOU must do your own diligence and take it before GOD, in prayer......

The continuation of research and the full version you can found on the website http://www.biblecodedetective.com/president-usa-2017-2018
(By the MICHAEL, site http://www.biblecodedetective.com)

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