Gematria Software (Tanakh Plus) - Features
Gematria Software (Tanakh Plus)

· Exclusive "Know-no-Hebrew" technology combines translation capabilities with Biblical software
· Seven methods of Gematria
· Gematria dictionary
· Gematria concordance
· Gematria calculator
· Verse retrieval by Gematria value
· Verse retrieval by key-words
· Verse retrieval by specified range of text
· Verse retrieval by first and last letter of verse
· Verse retrieval by first letters of sequential words
· Verse retrieval by last letters of sequential words
· Verse retrieval by first letters of sequential verses
· Verse retrieval by last letters of sequential verses
· Letter substitution encoding
· Complete Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible.
· Side by side English translation of the Hebrew text in parallel columns
· Synchronization of English and Hebrew text can be turned on/off
· On-screen bilingual transliteration keyboard
· Bilingual data bases
· Includes special True Type Hebrew fonts
· Hebrew text can be pasted into your word processor's document.
· Displays and prints Biblical Hebrew and English text
· Summary and description of every Bible book
· Biblical chronology from Abraham to the fall of Jerusalem
· Biographies of all the Israelite kings
· Maimonides’ list of the 613 commandments in the Pentateuch
· Description of the Biblical festivals
· Concordances: Hebrew, English, and King James.
· Concordance of Festival mentions in the Bible
· Unlimited word and phrase search in the Bible
· Virtual on-screen Hebrew keyboard with automatic transliteration from English
· User-specified colors for highlighting key letters and words in+ the text.
· Instant "go to" book, chapter and verse.
· Inter-active with the optional companion bilingual dictionary/thesaurus Super Milon
· Comprehensive User's Manual
· Help Menu includes Contents and Index for quick and immediate consultation
· Bilingual databases
· Powerful bi-directional dictionary Hebrew to English, English to Hebrew
· User expandable bilingual dictionary
· Bilingual Lexicon database
· Complete list of all Biblical names with their English equivalents and meaning
· List of thousands of first names with their transliteration to Hebrew
· Date converter from Gregorian calendar to Hebrew calendar

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What is Gematria?

Examples of interpretation using Gematria
Gematria in the New Testament
Gematria in secular matters
The numerical value of the Hebrew letters
The program includes seven different Gematria Methods
Gematria Concordance
Gematria Calculator
Retrieving verses according to a specified Gematria value
Letter Substitution

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What is Gematria?

The Hebrew language uses its letters to represent numbers. The first nine letters represent the numbers I to 9 respectively; the next 10 letters represent the numbers 10, 20.. to 90 respectively; and the next four represent 100. to 400, respectively.
The cipher alphabet makes possible the method known in Hebrew as Gematria, where the numerical value of the letters of a word or verse is used to construct a different word or verse, the numerical value of which equals that of the original passage.
This method of exegesis has been used since the time of the Second Temple to derive insights into the sacred writings, to obtain interpretations of the text, or to illustrate a secular matter.
Rule #29 in the Baraita of 32 rules in the Talmud considers Gematria as one of the methods for interpreting the Torah. The Talmud gives the following example of interpretation using Gematria:
And when Abram heard that his kinsman was taken captive, he armed his disciples who had been born in his house -three hundred and eighteen - and he pursued them as far as Dan, (Genesis 14:14).
The Talmud comes to the conclusion that the 318 men referred to in Genesis 14:14 are really only one: Eliezer, Abraham's servant. (The numerical value of the word Eliezer is 318, (aleph=1 + lamed=30 + yod=10 + ayin=70 + zayin=7 + resh=200).

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Examples of interpretation using Gematria

In Genesis 32:5, Jacob sends a message to his brother, Esau, saying: “I sojourned with Laban”. The Hebrew for "I sojourned" is "garti" , gimmel=3, resh=200, tav=400, and yod=10 adding up to a total of 613, which is the number of commandments specified in the Torah. By this the rabbis understood that Jacob was really stating: “Although I sojourned with Laban, I kept the 613 commandments”.

Genesis 28:12 relates that in a dream Jacob saw a ladder, “sulam”, stretching from earth to heaven. The numerical value of sulam = 130, (samech=60 + lamed=30 + mem=40) is the same as the numerical value of Sinai (samech=60 + yod=10 + nun=50 + yod=10). Therefore exegetes have concluded that the Law revealed to Moses in Mount Sinai is man's means of reaching heaven.

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Gematria in the New Testament

The Book of Revelation in the New Testament uses Gematria to disguise the name of Nero, the Roman emperor, by writing the Greek form of his name in Hebrew characters, which gives it a total numerical value of 666, (Revelation 13:18). Kesar Neron (Kuf=100, samech=60, resh=200, nun=50 + resh=200 + vav=6 + nun=50)
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Gematria in secular matters

Gematria can also be used to illustrate secular matters. For example, it is said that when wine comes in, secret goes out. Both words, yayin . (yod=10 + yod=10 + nun=50) and sod (samech=60 + vav=6 + dalet=4) have the same numerical value, 70, and therefore they cancel each other

Another example: the difference between razui (what we wish for) = 306 (resh=200 + tzadik=90 + vav=6 + yod=10), and mazui (what we have) = 146 (mem=40 + tzadik=90+ vav=6 + yod=10), is kesef (money) =160 (kaf=20 + samech=60 + peh=80)

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The numerical value of the Hebrew letters

Of the twenty two letters in the Hebrew alphabet, the first ten are numbered consecutively from 1 to 10, the next eight from 20 to 90 in intervals of ten, while the last four letters equal 100, 200, 300, and 400 respectively.

The final form letters have the same values as their normal form letters, (for example nun and nun sofit have the same value: 50), except when you choose the Great Numbers alternative, (which counts the final form of the letters of the alphabet as a continuation of the alphabet, giving them their own value: kaf sofit=500, mem sofit=600, nun sofit=700, peh sofit=800 and tzadik sofit=900).

This is the basic calculation from which, during the course of the centuries, many systems of Gematria have been developed, seven of which can be calculated using the Gematria feature of Bible Codes Plus.

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The program includes seven different Gematria Methods

Numerical values for letters, words, phrases or verses can be calculated by Bible Codes Plus, according to any of the following seven Gematria methods:

1) Ragil
This Gematria method is the basis for all other methods. Each letter of the alphabet has its own numerical value. The numerical value of a word or phrase is the sum of the numerical value of all its letters. The word “shalom” in this method equals 376 (shin=300, lamed =30, vav=6, mem=40).

2) Katan
All the tens and hundreds are reduced to single numbers 1 to 9. In this method aleph, yod, and kuf each has the value of 1. In this method the word “shalom” (shin=3, lamed =3, vav=6, mem=4) equals 16

3) Klali
The value of a word is the square of the sum of the Ragil values of each letter in that word. In this method the word “shalom” (shin=300, lamed =30, vav=6, ?mem=40) equals 376*376 = 141376.

4) Millui
Each letter has the numerical value of the sum of the Ragil values of all the letters that make up the names of the letter. In this method the word “shalom” (shin=shin+yod+nun=360, lamed=lamed+mem+dalet=74, vav=vav+vav=12, mem=mem+mem=80) equals 526.

5) Kolel
This is the sum of the Ragil values of the letters in a word plus the number of letters in that word. Here the word “shalom” (shin= 300, lamed= 30, vav =6, mem= 40, plus 4) equals 380.

6) HaKadmi
Each letter has its Ragil value plus the HaKadmi, (accumulated), value of the preceding letter. For example the letter Aleph is 1; bet is 3 (its own value of 2 plus the 1 of the aleph); gimmel is 6 (its own value of 3 plus the bet value of 3); dalet is 10 (its own value of 4 plus the gimmel value of 6), and so on. In this method the word “shalom” (shin= 1095, lamed= 105, vav=21, mem=145) equals 1366.

7) HaPerati
The value of each letter is the square of its Ragil value. The value of the word is the sum of all the squares of its component letters. In this method the word “shalom” (shin= 90000, lamed= 900, vav=36, mem=1600) equals 92536.

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Gematria Concordance

Clicking the Gematria Dictionary option opens the Gematria Dictionary Window. It shows the Gematria Dictionary List, a complete concordance of all the words in the Hebrew Bible, in columns with the headings Word, Value, Book, Chapter, Verse. Each word is shown with its numerical value and its location in the text. You can sort this dictionary by alphabet or by its numerical values.

The program allows you to find all the different words that have the same specified gematria value or to count how many times a specified gematria value is found in the Bible.

Gematria Calculator
The Gematria Calculator option allows you to type in any or in all of the five Input Fields a word or phrase, and perform mathematical operations.

Retrieving verses according to a specified Gematria value
The program allows you to specify a numerical value, and will retrieve all (if any) of the verses which have that same numerical value.

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Letter substitution

Letter substitution is a cryptic writing technique in which letters are substituted by other letters, according to different methods. For example, in the method called atbash the first letter of the alphabet aleph is used as a substitute for the last letter tav; the second letter bet for the penultimate letter shin, and so on.

The writers of the Talmud and the medieval exegetes recognized atbash as a legitimate hermeneutical device. They found three instances of letter substitution in the book of Jeremiah: shashach (shin-shin-kaf) instead of babel (bet-bet-lamed) in Jeremiah 25:26; lev kami instead of casdim in Jeremiah 51:1; and again shashach instead of babel in Jeremiah 51:41.

Scholars, explaining the purpose of atbash in Jeremiah, state that words in the Bible are not just symbols but have power and essence by themselves. Therefore, inverting the language means inverting the power.

A contemporary scholar, C.H. Gordon, has suggested a possible fourth instance in 1 Kings 9:13: leshapech instead of kabul.

Before the age of computers it was difficult to identify examples of atbash in the Bible,. This caused many researchers to consider letter substitution to be pure scholarly fiction, because in all the centuries of research only three instances were found by the writers of the Talmud, all of them -mentioned above- in the book of Jeremiah.

Researchers today, with the help of computer technology, may find other instances, which could be compelling arguments in favor of their deliberateness. The researcher can use Bible Codes Plus to create an atbash of any Bible verse, and check it for words or phrases which would make good Hebrew sense within the contexts of the text which contains them.

The program includes four methods of letter substitution: atbash, Atbach, Previous and Next.

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