Israel Code Analysis

This code is broken down into upper half and lower half. The green word Untruth is the divider. Let's start there.

You will see ISRAEL in red vertically and BALLAD to the left of it. A BALLAD of UNTRUTH about ISRAEL. This is a song that has been sung throughout history, negative things said about Israel.

In the code, BEBE is the DAD of ISRAEL and it's strength it's ARMY. The entire center section of the matrix is about Israel being deserted by a BACKER FRIEND! SUN/DAY appears to be a code word for and representation of this betrayal. WITNESSES are just that, telling the truth to what they are witnessing about this. The word for COOP is in red with BLADE in green and BREATH, all vertically next to each other. SUN/DAY MARKS this event somehow. It appears that OBAMA in green is leading the BABEL/BALLAD of Israel and is holding the LAND in CAPTIVITY. There will be SHOCK with a BANG that will COMPLETE this event that will leave a CRATER as Israel is DESERTED. This will be a WOE.

Move to the lower right section. BAAL of BABEL is RIPE. The BABEL has created SILENCE about the CAPTIVITY of the LAND due to DUMBNESS! Left side, SUN/DAY again presents the BACKER FRIEND as the DARK ANGEL that AMBUSCADES (ambushes) Israel. BARAK is an EVILDOER. His ADMINISTRATION is associated with DEATH of the TWO from LEVI of the BARLEY class and this is associated with SUN/DAY again and the word BATON. The word BEATING is in purple middle right edge of page and this is what these BATONS do. This is the other WOE of this matrix.

All the way at the bottom is CHRIST ALONE is the KING of the LAND! The CHIEF/HEAD angel intercedes DEATH and DETECTIVE at the very bottom! I take it this means the death of one of the TWO LEVITES of the BARLEY, the DETECTIVE!

Now for the upper half. It is connected by the word DARK which runs half way down the page. It is in green on the left side. The upper letter for DARK is attached to the word BRIDE and the lower letter is attached to a letter for the word BEATING! OBAMA is encoded with a letter association with the word for WITNESSES and right next to BEATING. This DARK BRIDE is associated with the DARK ANGEL. The word for CLONE, at the top, crosses the word DARK and touches the word BRIDE. This upper half of the matrix is about the DARK BRIDE with a BARREN BACKGROUND coming through a PORTAL with a BOOM! This is the FULL ARRIVAL of the DEMIGOD that has been ASLEEP in a CALABOOSE (prison). This god is an ARYAN that comes CRASHING in an ARK {Could this be the Large Hadron Collider that is looking for DARK matter}? [See the code on CERN about this]. They are the ALPHA (first/beginning) PRODIGY and associated with THOUSAND. I am assuming this is the 200,000,000 of revelation 9. [SEE the code on this subject.] Revelation chapter 9 uses the words hundred, thousand, thousand, to represent million. This would be the return of the Nefilim of Genesis chapter 6 and spoken of by Jesus when he referred to the end times being like the days of NOAH.

These beings are RISEN from flame (out of the bottomless pit) at a LATE time in history and coming UP (out of the pit in the earth) to the MANSION. I again am assuming this to be the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem to unite with their FATHER, the antichrist.

Do you see the parallel to Jesus Christ here. This is a total copy cat of Jesus and his return for his bride to take them to his mansion in heaven, only satan wants to take everyone to HELL, his mansion. And it will be by deceipt and this newly rebuilt temple which is an abomination to GOD ALMIGHTY! This is where the POPE comes into play with the MARK of the beast and the take over of Jerusalem and the temple mount.

I feel that this CLONE will be of Obama after he is assassinated to put this all in motion. They will bring out this CLONE, with the Blood of the Shroud of Turin....AB-, running through his veins, the blood of Christ, CLONED from the shroud. [This is how they will resurrect him and fool the people]. He will be the shell without a spirit of any kind that can be possessed by satan to become the antichrist. This would happen when satan is cast out of heaven by Michael and his angels in chapter 12 of revelation.

This would explain their fascination with TIMING and TIME WARP to coordinate the exact time to start this in motion to be successful at their desired attempt to create a NEW WORLD ORDER! [See the code I did on CERN about this]. There is a Mr. Cati on the net that has done research on this very topic on u-tube.

The continuation of research and the full version you can found on the website http://www.biblecodedetective.com/israel
(By the MICHAEL, site http://www.biblecodedetective.com)

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