The Jerusalem Dictionary (Super Milon)
The Jerusalem Dictionary (Super Milon)

The Jerusalem Dictionary (Super Milon), It can paste Hebrew words in non-Hebrew word processors, includes a Hebrew font for Hebrew word processors, can translate words from Hebrew web sites, includes a Small screen mode for instant translation, and can work inter-actively with the Bible Codes programs.

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What is Super Milon?

Super Milon is a Hebrew/English-English/Hebrew dictionary thesaurus of words and expressions for PC computers. It includes translations, synonyms, and antonyms, and thousands of expressions. The words are shown classified as verbs, nouns, adjectives and other categories.
The dictionary includes antonyms when applicable, suggests synonyms, and allows you to add new words, and additional translations to existing words. It also conjugates more than 8,000 English and Hebrew verbs, allowing you to paste the conjugation in your text, which makes it a unique learning tool.

Super Milon has been designed to help you find the right translation from English words and/or expressions to Hebrew, or from Hebrew words and/or expressions to English. Its unique cross-checking feature will help you identify the most appropriate translation for any word, if there are several alternatives.
You can paste the Hebrew translations into your word processor, even if your word processor is not Hebrew supporting!
Includes a Hebrew font for your non-Hebrew word processor.
Works also while you are navigating the Internet, and it allows you to translate words from Hebrew web sites in real time!

Super Milon is also very helpful when you want to check the spelling of any word, either in Hebrew or in English. If it can not find the word you wrote, it will suggest similar sounding alternatives, and present translations for each of the alternatives.

Regular price: $79.95
Sale price: $64.95
You can run the program in two different modes

Super Milon can be run in either, or both, of the following two modes:
a) Stand-alone Mode
     As a stand-alone program.
b) Interactive or Background Mode
     Interactive with your program. This mode can run in either a large window or a small window. You can browse the dictionary
Super Milon allows you to browse the list of words in the dictionary, forward and backward, in English or in Hebrew, and check any word for its classification, translations, antonyms, and suggested synonyms.

You can conjugate verbs and paste the conjugation
No more problems with conjugating irregular verbs! Super Milon includes over 8,000 English and Hebrew verb tables, both regular and irregular, fully conjugated, and allows you to choose and paste the correct conjugation in your text. The program also informs you the root of the Hebrew verb, its type and conjugational pattern.

Includes thousands of bilingual expressions
Super Milon includes thousands of bilingual expressions, which you can search for, retrieve, translate and paste in your word processor’s text.

Regular price: $79.95
Sale price: $64.95
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